Who We Are
Who We Are

DocuStream is a leader in high-volume US-based transaction processing for the healthcare industry.


Since 1998 we have served both Payors and Providers with timely and accurate processing of claims, EOBs, remittance notices, and Prior Auths, even when the data originates on paper or in different electronic formats.


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We Know Claims

We Know Claims & Prior Auths

Our Services
Our Services

We process healthcare data from both paper and EDI sources, such as:

  • Medical claims and EOBs

  • Medicare Remittance Notices

  • Prior Authorization requests

  • Real-Time Eligibility verification.

We also offer a full suite of services from mailroom processing to EDI verification and formatting.


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Contact Us
Contact Us

We work with our clients on many operational, technical, and workflow issues related to healthcare data processing.

Whether your question involves technology or operations, we've probably seen it before. And we'll do the work here in the US — our facilities are in California, Iowa, and Massachusetts


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