DocuHealthLink is a small program that runs on your PC alongside your existing billing software. To make electronic copies of your claims, print to DocuHealthLink exactly as you print to paper now – that's all there is to it!

Then with the click of a mouse your claims are transferred electronically to us for processing, and then forwarded to your Payors. You will get immediate confirmation that we have received your claims, and the next day you will get a report of claim status and any rejects.

Best of all, you don't need to change anything – keep your existing PC and billing system, and keep your current processes in place. No need to spend money and retrain on a new system. Just stop folding paper and licking envelopes!



ScanNStore is a full-featured electronic document storage and retrieval system in a small package. It's the perfect solution for increasing productivity by electronically organizing and managing paper files.

ScanNStore lets you and your staff quickly scan, index, store and retrieve your claims, attachments, remittance notices, and other documents. You can search by multiple indexes and display claims and all related information on-screen, as if you are looking at the original paper.

Where instant access to the right claim information is critical, ScanNStore is the right solution. Contact us to download and try out a fully functional multi-user version of ScanNStore for 30 days. Volume seat licensing and vendor discounts available.

ScanNStore database

Scanners: Supports a wide variety of TWAIN scanners and production level scanners including HP, Fujitsu, Ricoh, Bell & Howell and Panasonic. Supports single page or multi-page batch scanning, automated document feeder, page size, contrast adjustment, and intensity of scan.

Databases: Supports widely used industry standard Microsoft Access databases and SQL Server using ODBC. Keyword or descriptive information can easily be exported from Access Databases created with Scan 'N Store into spreadsheets or other kinds of reports, or can be exported to create new databases. Images and keywords are stored in separate databases. 

Indexing: Create unlimited number of index fields. Use Hot Keys for fast indexing and image viewing and manipulation while indexing. Easily add or delete fields, even after adding images to the database.

Viewing: Display B&W or color images in most major formats including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. Fast Multi-page viewing includes fast "go to" page and next, previous, first, last. Special magnifiers let you zoom in on specific parts of an image.

DocuHealthLink print to EDI

The benefits of using DocuHealthLink for electronic claim submission are enormous:

  • Immediate confirmation that all claims have been transmitted successfully

  • Next-day verification of claim information, including insured ID, date, and amount billed

  • Next-day reject notification with description of problem

  • Faster claim processing and payment

  • Savings on postage, envelopes, paper, and labor

  • No disruption to your office or added expense of a new billing system

Find out how DocuHealthLink can turn all your paper claims into electronic transactions. Please visit the DocuHealthLink web site to register and get get started. There is no cost to try out the service.